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1 in 3 small businesses fail in the first year of trading, with 60% closing their doors in the first three years

~ according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics
This is because they try to do it alone. Instead of focussing on what they do best they try to be everything to everyone.
Don’t be one of them

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Supporting you in your business, providing administrative support, social media post creation, website maintenance & updates, bookkeeping and creation of office automations

Website Design & Development

Build your signature online presence, or improve on your current website:
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Digital Marketing

Proven online marketing strategy via Facebook &/or Google ads.
Aimed at high priced items or businesses with return patronage eg personal trainers, professionals & beauty industry

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Scammers trick us by hiding a genuine website address within their own. An example is “www. bendigo. bank. com. au. security-updated. Info” (separated at dots to avoid linking) which I will use to explain how so you can identify for yourself in the future

If you imagine a website as a house then the domain name is the street address

https vs http vs www - previously all websites used to have www for world wide web. Now there is https for security. An unsecured site will only have http. Many security programs wont let you visit http sites or give you a warning not to part with private information. Follow this advice. A reliable website should have a secure address - like a lock on a mailbox

The Domain name comprises of 2 or more elements. First is the name of the business or owner and will be 1 or so words separated by underscores or hyphens. This is followed by a suffix or two such as .com, .org, .biz, .gov and so on. There can sometimes be another dot and suffix to identify location such as .au.

Pages or posts come after the domain with a slash before, and are like rooms in the house - https://virtualessentials.com.au/services

A subdomain is a separate website using the same domain to identify a different part of the business or a product that they wish to promote separately such as a sales landing page or a news service, like a granny flat or an office. It sits before the domain name separated by a dot – https://susan.escotts.com.au

BUT it is this subdomain feature that is often a tool used by fraudsters and scammers as identified with the Bendigo Bank address above. In that instance a subdomain “bendigo. bank. com. au” before the domain name “security-updated. info”

Always look to the end or a web address and read backwards to identify what the main domain is. Picture scam subdomains as lean-to’s attached to dodgy old boarded up buildings. You would never go in to one physically so neither should you enter this website


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This week is Scam Awareness Week. According to the Scamwatch website (scamwatch.gov.au) In 2020 Australians made more than 216,000 reports to Scamwatch and reported losses of around $178 million.

By the end of September this year, Australians had lost even more: Scamwatch received more than 226,000 reports with reported losses of over $222 million.

As alarming as these numbers are, we know that around one third of people who are scammed never tell anyone, so the true numbers are probably much higher.

Scamwatch give some hints and tips as to how to protect yourself:
• Be alert to the fact that scams exist. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
• Know who you're dealing with. If you've only ever met someone online or are unsure of the legitimacy of a business, take some time to do a bit more research.
• Do not open suspicious texts, pop-up windows or click on links or attachments in emails – delete them.
• Don't respond to phone calls about your computer asking for remote access – hang up.
• Keep your personal details secure. Be very careful about how much personal information you share on social media sites.
• Keep your mobile devices and computers secure. Protect your computer, phone and WiFi network with a password and avoid using public computers or WiFi hotspots to access online banking or provide personal information.
• Choose your passwords carefully. Use a strong password and don’t use the same password, and don’t share your passwords with anyone.
• Review your privacy and security settings on social media.
• Beware of any requests for your details or money.
• Be wary of unusual payment requests like gift cards.
• Be careful when shopping online - use an online shopping service that you know and trust.
If you have been scammed, you are not alone, head to the ACCC Scamwatch page to see what your next step should be – don’t hesitate: https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/get-help.

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One of the many who keep me on the path to success. #motivation #action #actionproducesmomentum #start #startup #success #actionchangesthings ...

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I wrote this post for my other page but realised it suited here as well...

I have a 🐕 with a sore paw 🐾 at the moment so can’t go running as he gets upset.

Instead I have devoted way too much time battling with technology and techs in the last two days 🤯.

Setting up new computer and couldn’t import my Microsoft 365 accounts.

The Microsoft chat tech, Patrick, told me to calm down and he would fix everything (tried to sound like a knight in shining armour). At the time I was very calm so I asked why he thought I was not and he said it was the rate I was typing. I explained I can actually type fast all the time.

He was surprised - then replied of course. He was also surprised by how busy my desktop was - had never seen folders on google bookmarks bar. Turned out I knew more than misogynistic Patrick and had to let him go.

Sure enough equally misogynistic Hank from GoDaddy couldn’t help either (as admin of my M365 emails) “golly gosh you’re in a bit of a pickle then aren’t you?”

So I fixed it myself. So far so good 🙌🏼.

Sometimes there are going to be men in tech who believe a woman should not try this at home! 🤣😂

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Here’s a fun one for my techie friends!!! Google “Cha Cha Slide” on your mobile then tap on the microphone and every icon that pops up thereafter. Enjoy! 🎤💃➡️🥾 ...

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Another wonderful website!

I love seeing the sites I have been working on go live, knowing that I have provided a translation of an image or idea that my client has.


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My first double page spread as Virtual Essentials rather than as an employee. #festivalofmusic #betterinberrigan #lovewhatido #dowhatilove❤️ ...

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When I set up myself in business to assist small businesses during start-up and growth I sought out automation tools to make my business flow easily and which would also benefit my clients, both in their interactions with me and with their own clients.

I was introduced to Dubsado and I just loooove it and can't stop raving about it - and now they have a sale on for the next four days and so I am sharing it with everyone!


So what is Dubsado? It is Customer Relationship Management system in which you can create portals for your clients where they can access all their information.

Your clients set their own password and can then upload information to their portal for you to be able to access - it's the best! You can create attractive contracts, invoices, videos, questionnaires, you name it. It looks so good and it is so easy to navigate. I can't believe how easy it is to use once it is set up. I admit I found it intimidating to set up initially and so I'm happy to assist anyone to run through their setup - but I also suggest watching their videos.

The above is my affiliate link which means that I get a kickback - to be fully transparent - but the even better news is you get a kickback too. Normally you would get 20% off your first month with my link, but in the next four days you can get two months discount.

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A great local initiative I get to be a part of. The Festival of Music on Chanter is coming to Berrigan Friday 26 March from 5pm.

The NSW State Government have provided funding via the Festival of Place - Summer Fund for Berrigan to celebrate all that is great about our town and area.

Local legend Ray Macartney has enlisted some great talent to play live for us, and they will also be hanging around between their gigs to chat, providing insights on learning an instrument, singing, song writing, recording & promotion.

To complement Friday nights festival, Berrigan will also host other activities to make it a whole weekend of celebrations. This will be a weekend not to miss so if you are in the area reserve the date now.

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🥳🎉2020 is finally coming to a close and 2021 is only one sleep away!🥂🍾

I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to the potential this new year brings.

Do you set yourself New Years resolutions?
Do you prefer goals?
Do you ensure they’re achievable?
Do you maintain your resolutions?
or do you drop them within the first few months of the year?

Goals should be achievable and offer rewards to ensure success and continued growth.
It is no use committing to a resolution of going to the gym five days a week if you’ve never done it before. It’s much easier to build momentum. Plan to go to the gym once a week and build up over time rather than becoming despondent after missing three in that first week. Little steps.

I have set myself some impressive and encouraging goals for this next year and then broken them down to the first of four 90 day goals. These goals cover not only business, but health & fitness and personal growth goals as well. I love having something to work towards but prefer setting myself goals over resolutions.

I am not fearful of failure as I have been setting myself some impressive goals over the years and some have come to fruition much sooner than anticipated - such as establishing Virtual Essentials. Some others have been adjusted, and some have not eventuated - 2020 was supposed to be the year of bathroom renovations 🤯 and I haven’t even included that in my 2021 plans.

🧡Good luck and best wishes to you all in your own goals, pursuits, adventures and challenges. May you have every success you deserve.🧡

Susan Escott 🥳🎉

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Wishing all my current and future clients, my family and friends a very merry Christmas. I hope that you all have a chance to relax and enjoy the holiday season. If you are working over the holiday period in the emergency services, hospitality or Council I thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for keeping us all safe and well. ...

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2020 is coming to an end...

I'm not ready! There's so much more I wanted to have achieved by now. I feel that I haven't done enough for 2020.

How many others out there are feeling this way?

I was in a group coaching session this morning and was asked to put down in writing my greatest achievements for the year. It was a great opportunity to stop and reflect. I finished the call confident that I have kicked some goals in 2020. I recommend you do the same. You might be surprised at what you have achieved.

Personally I have been on the most amazing growth journey in the past six to twelve months, actually three or four years to be truthful.

I really stepped out of my comfort zone in leaving a job where I had been on a growth spiral which then petered out. I liken it to a rocket racing through the sky until the burners die and the rocket is left drifting through the atmosphere. It was time to again fire up my engines.

I set my new trajectory mid year and followed through with intensive study in the final quarter. So 2021 is the year when I soar, and take others with me. Its going to be a great ride!

My vision is to reduce the number of small businesses that fail within the first three years of start-up, by providing a strategic approach incorporating sound and ethical marketing practices.

Virtual Essentials, the small business and start-up marketing specialist, providing marketing strategies and packages to reduce startup stress and enable small business success

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Julia Taylor - CEO & Founder of GeekPack®
Susan has exhibited a passion for helping others and solving problems in her role as a GeekPack Intern. She is always attentive to other developers’ problems and eager to help in any way she can to find resolutions. Susan is quick to encourage others and nourish the sense of community that is a key element of GeekPack. Her input is very much appreciated and respected in the GeekPack Community. Susan is quickly growing as a WordPress Developer and I look forward to seeing her progression and her continued involvement in GeekPack.
Julia TaylorCEO & FounderGeekPack®