6 steps to small business success strategy

6 steps to small business success – #1 Strategy

6 steps to small business success strategy

The first step along my six step marketing plan for small business success is strategy.

What do I mean by strategy and how does this relate to small business success?

Before a business can commit to a marketing campaign they must have direction.  Large corporations have mission, vision, and values statements which provide direction to their employees and customers.

A mission statement is a short statement declaring what the business believes in or stands for.

A vision statement describes what a company desires to achieve in the long-run, generally in a time frame of five to ten years, sometimes even longer, focused on achieving their mission

A value statement is not seen as much in small businesses, but it is no less important.  It declares a businesses priorities and core beliefs to guide their actions and also their means to connect with customers.

An example of a vision statement is as follows:

Our vision is to craft the brands and choice of drinks that people love, to refresh them in body & spirit. And done in ways that create a more sustainable business and better shared future that makes a difference in people’s lives, communities and our planet. – Coca Cola

Unfortunately it is rare for small businesses consider creating these statements, especially in the start-up phase.  It is imperative though, to know why you get up and go to work each morning and what makes you happy. Establishing these parameters is like building the foundations for the future path of the business and a great first step towards small business success.

“My mission is to enable small businesses to achieve their marketing goals and thereby accomplish their vision”

 “My vision is to reduce the number of small businesses that fail within the first three years of start-up, by providing a program incorporating strong sound marketing practices.”

 My Values:

  1. I support small businesses
  2. I continue to learn and grow
  3. I create wealth for myself and those that I support
  4. I will be honest in my recommendations
  5. I will be open in my actions
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