6 step marketing strategy for small business

Six Steps to Small Business Success – #5 Website

6 step marketing strategy for small businessStep five in six step marketing strategy for small business success is having a website.

Though not just any old website. So many people have said to me – that’s ok I built my own, or my cousin can do it cheap.  That’s fine for a personal website used to keep in touch with family and friends, but if it is purpose built for business it should be created in mind for converting customers.

It takes only three seconds to lose a prospective customer from your website so your website needs to grab their attention, clearly communicate the information they are seeking and provide credibility, legitimacy and the answers to their problems.
But that’s not all… A business website should be built with SEO in mind (that’s Search Engine Optimisation as discussed previously), which includes little tweaks in the content and the backend to attract visitors to your site. There are also reporting tools that identify how your website is performing.
The best part of having a great website for your business? You can communicate to many, as you would to an individual, providing a personal service to each customer – and since your website is available 24/7, it’s easy to provide customers with up to date information on events, specials, and changes to operating hours, even whilst you are sleeping…
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