Four Step Strategy to Success

Why the four step strategy to success?

I created the four step strategy due to my own experience as a start-up sole trader.

Twelve years ago, with two young children, I gave up full time work in accounting to start up a bookkeeping business.  I printed up business cards and placed ads in the local papers, but never found enough clients.  Fortunately I had a husband bringing in an income. Within a year I returned to full-time work.

Later I found out some horrific statistics:

The Australian Bureau of Statistics state that up to 60% of small businesses fail in the first three years, and 1 in 3 small businesses fold within the first year.

This statistic set me on the path to become a small business marketer. The plan? The Four step strategy for success.

So you ask, what are the four steps to business marketing success and how can I narrow it down to only four? 

There are many more elements to ensure any business succeeds.  The four steps I am providing ensure that a business will have the right image, tools, mindset and marketing.

You choose to go in to business for yourself, with the intent of providing what you enjoy doing, are good at, and/or specialise in. Possibly because you have the desire to improve the lives of your own family, and the lives of your customers.  Unfortunately this ability to do what you love does not necessary come with a marketing map to ensure that your message or product reaches your ideal customer.

Most likely you are more focussed on doing what you do best, hoping that is enough.  Unfortunately  you can easily get lost amongst the competition, or lack exposure, especially when in the start-up phase.

It is my aim to ensure that your business thrives and grows, through creating a website that is SEO optimised, providing you with social media that sells your business and marketing strategies tailored to your business needs.

The four step strategy to business success consists of the following:

  1. Strategy, Identity & Customer Relations,
  2. Online Presence,
  3. Website and
  4. Marketing.


Ready to go further?  Have a look at our basic pricing packages.  These are not set in stone as every business has different needs, and in discussions with you about your personal requirements the price of the package we choose together could be more or less.

Pricing Packages

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