6 step marketing strategy to small business success marketing

6 steps to small business success – #6 Marketing

The final step in my six step marketing strategy for small business is the largest and most effective: Marketing.

This is a proven Facebook ads campaign that progresses over a period of 12 weeks to generate leads direct to your business.

My coach and mentor, Cham Tang of Authentic Education, has spent over $1Million of his own money with Facebook and is now invited to their headquarters to be briefed on how the platform can best work for him – every time they change their algorithms. As the most successful marketer in Australia he has found that Facebook is still the most effective advertising platform around, and so I listen to his advice and follow it to the letter.

To further the extensive knowledge Cham is sharing with me, and his other students, I have invested in study with the Digital Marketing School. Their focus is perfecting the most successful funnel system. These guys have created millions for themselves and their clients by using this sure-fire method of generating customer attraction to the business.

Have you ever noticed how every third to fourth post on Facebook is an advert? and that these are customised to your interests? Ever noticed how you will look up something on your phone and the next thing you know every advert is about that subject or item?
Over lunch with a friend once I looked up a pair of Asics runners in a wide fit for her. I received ads for the next week from Nike, Asics, Rebel, and even Kogan – who knew Kogan sold Asics runners? It works.

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