6 steps to small business success online presence

6 steps to small business success – #4 Online Presence

6 steps to small business success online presence

Step number four in my six step marketing strategy for small business success is having an online presence.

There is more to having an online presence than just setting up a Facebook or Instagram page, posting some glamour shots, and sharing it with your friends.  That is a start, and a few years ago it would have been the recipe to success, after all that’s how many of today’s influencers made their millions.

Unfortunately the powers that be have changed the algorithms over the past few years and it is not so easy to become an influencer, even in your own small area of influence. If you are not paying your way the big guys are not going to let you share your story far and wide.

So what can we do to improve our chances? There are some little tricks that help and the first is just being there. Create a Google My Business page – it is free and therefore the cheapest, easiest website you can get for yourself. It may not guarantee small business success but it is one more step in the right direction.

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